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  Amazing Counters offers the best free web counters, free hit counters and free web site statistics. We offer 100's of styles, many useful options and we even include web stats. Sign up is fast, easy and free. Create your counter today!

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We offer the best free hit counter service. Choose us for your free web counter because we offer:

  • 750+ different styles (see sample counters)
  • Quality, speed and reliability
  • Free web site statistics incl. daily and weekly history
  • Fast & easy sign up and installation (copy & paste)
  • It's FREE!

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Free Web Site Statistics

Unlike other hit counters, we feature free web site statistics, allowing you to track your web site traffic over time. Browse real-time stats, daily traffic history for the past 30 days, weekly traffic history for the last year and overall statistics. We even have an invisible counter, so you can just use our free web counter for private stats. Click here to see sample statistics!

Easy Installation

It's fast and easy to create your free hit counter. Just select the style and enter some basic web site information such as the URL of your site. This is all it takes to create your account. Install it on your web page by simply copying the HTML code we provide and pasting it into your web page(s) and upload the pages to your website. Click here to create your web counter!

  Our free hit counter is simple even if you don't know html code, and it doesn't require java script. It's simple to create a free web site counter for professional
  websites, personal home pages, BLOG web pages, MySpace, Xanga, MSN Spaces, Blogger, etc., using one of our cool unique styles or our hidden invisible
  counters. We're compatible with Frontpage, Dream Weaver,, Xanga, eBay and most other programs, Blogs and website builders.

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